We help you solve your most complex problems through digital transformation.

Technology affects every aspect of business. Everything from farming to boutique retail use data to determine daily business decisions. Nearly all communication is electronic. Many leaders recognize the gap in their business, but they just don’t know how to cross it.

With a background in leadership, technology, productivity, and building next level teams, the Bongard Group can help you transform your business.

Leadership Coaching

Project Planning

Education and Awareness

Crafting Solutions


If you don’t feel like you’re the effective leader that you long to be, we can help you articulate a vision for your future self and a plan to get there.

Once we’ve established a plan specific to you, we will walk through the process with you as you execute that plan, providing resources, encouragement, and accountability along the way so that you actually reach that goal.


Dwight D. Eisenhower said “Plans are nothing; planning is everything.” A great idea is great, but for many people, it remains just that. We can meet with you to refine the problem that you’re trying to solve and help you craft a plan that will turn your ideas into a reality.


From learning about apps that will help you to be more productive on your phone to understanding how to better secure your personal information to learning why cryptocurrency matters, we can help you. This could be as simple as regularly delivering resources to keep you informed on the trending topics in technology and business or as detailed as a focused workshop built specifically for you or your team.


If you’re a small business or a team that doesn’t have the resources currently on your team to build your next idea, we can form a team to build the right solution with the right technology for your problem. Taking a holistic approach to your project, our solutions aim to deliver both an excellent experience for both you and your customers.

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